Updates: 4/14/2020

[!] Fixed GameServer crash

[!] Fixed possible attack delays while using selection of skills
[!] Fixed Text(kor).txt for English Lang.mpr, text ID 3307 > missing closig quote sign
[!] Fixed demolish skill values mismatch in display for selected game-play areas
[!] Fixed SQL state for Battle Core data server in relation of missing procedure
[!] Fixed Spirit Stone chaos mix conbination price
[+] Added MembStatSync setting to IGCDS.ini
[+] Added ItemDurability attribute to MonsterSoulReward.xml file (attribute is optional, so does not present by default for every item entry)
[!] Fixed Earrings bonus options issue
[!] Fixed invalid monster issue for Devil Square event
[!] Fixed inability to gain mastery reward points in lower levels of selected events
[!] Fixed not working frouth skill of increasing attack range
[!] Fixed invalid attack behavior of Triple Shot skill
[!] Fixed inability to use Dark Horse and Ghost Horse together
[!] Fixed “instant bingo” issue after Jewel Bingo game start
[!] Fixed attack range issue for slection of AOE skills
[!] Fixed invalid behavior of CheckComboDelayTime option for Combo Skill plugin
[!] Fixed fast durability decrease issue for selection of items
[!] Fixed invalid kill notice about killer for selected boss monsters

[!] Fixed GameServer crash

[!] Fixed GameServer crash
[+] Added PersonalStoreLogPath setting to GameServer.ini

[+] Added options to file, VipSettings -> MJ_MonsterMinLevel, MajesticDropBonus
[!] Fixed inability to obtain a reward from monster soul converter once filled with souls (the fix will apply only to newly created converters)
[!] Fixed inability to use all kind of panda rings by Slayer character (ItemList.xml / item.bmd)
[!] Fixed IGC_DeleteCharacter procedure resolving problems of charascter delete via game and tools
[!] Fixed Inability to use Dark Horse from expanded inventory

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